Abacus Fund. Inc. NEU
Admiral Corporation
Air Canada, blau
Air Canada, rot
Air Reduction Company, Inc.
Allianz A.G,
Allied Chemical Corporation
American Airlines, Inc.
American Airlines, Inc.
American Airlines, Inc.
American Bank Note Comp. NEU
American Bank Note Holographics, Inc.
American Brands Inc.
American Caduceus Industrie, Inc.
American District Telegraph Company NEU
American Dredging Comp.
American Express Company
American Fuel Oil & Transportation
American General Insurance Company NEU
American Hoist & Derrick Company
American Locker Company, Inc.
American Machine & Foundry Company
American Skiing Company
American Sugar Refining Company
American Telephone and Telegraph
American Tobacco Company
American Viscose Corporation
Anaconda Copper Mining Comp.
Ashanti Goldfields, Ghana
Ashland Oil, Inc.
Atari Corporation NEU
Atlantic Richfield Company
Babcook & Wilcox Company
Baca Land Grant Corporation NEU
Baldwin Company
Baldwin-United Corporation
Ball Anti Induction Electric Wire Comp.
Bank of America
Bank of Catasauqua NEU
Bank of Charleston NEU
Barrick Gold Corporation
Bay Area Ghosts, Inc.
Beaver Creek Distillery, Inc.
Beaver Creek Industries, Inc. NEU
Belco Petroleum Corporation
B.F.Goodrich Company
Boston Beer Company, Inc. NEU
Bracknell Investment Company
Brandywine Sports, Inc. NEU
Brill Corporation NEU
British Butte Mining Comp.
Broadway-Hale Stores, Inc.
Burger King Holding Inc.
Callaway Golf
Calumet & Hecla, Inc.
Canadian Helicopters
Carbiz Inc.
Carmelite Trust Limited
Carnegie Bancorp NEU
Carnival CruiseLines, Inc. NEU
Carolina Power & Light Company
Celanese Corporation NEU
Champlain Construction Company NEU
Charles Laffitte & Company, Lim.
Chase Manhattan Corporation
Chas. Pfizer & Co. Inc.
Childs Company NEU
Chrysler Financial Corporation
C.I.T. Financial Corporation
City Bank of Mc.Keesport
City of Philadelpia
City of Sydney (Spec.Improv.District No.29)
City of Sydney (District No.32)
City of Sydney (Water System R. Bond)
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Company
Clevite Corporation
Clevite Corporation
Clinton Trust Company
Coca Cola Beverages plc. NEU
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
Collins Radio Comp.
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Combined Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.
Commercial Credit Company
Computer Research, Inc. NEU
Conestoga Bancorp, Inc. NEU
Confederate States of America
Consolidated Edison Company of New York NEU
Consolidated Metals, Inc
CoolSavings Inc. NEU
Copper Metals Company
Coty International Corp.
Cuba Company
Custer Channel Wing Corporation
Daimler Chrysler AG
D.B. Stewart Company NEU
Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Comp.
Deutsche Telekom AG, 2004
Deutsche Telekom AG, 2006
Dillingham Corporation
Domino's Pizza Inc.
Draper Corporation
DUCATI Motor Holding NEU
Dunlop Rubber Company Limited
Durban Roodepoort Deep, Limited
Dynamic Films, Inc. NEU
Eastern Consolidated Oil Company NEU
Easyriders Inc., brown
Easyriders Inc., green
Engineer Gold Mines Ltd.
Epcos A.G.
Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society
Excelsior Henderson, Blankette
Excelsior Henderson 2000 NEU
Sonderaktion - Jahreskalender:
Historischer-Aktien-Kalender Deutschland 2024 (6 DM Aktien)
Original US-Aktien-Kalender 2024 (mit 6 US Konzern - Aktien)
Sonderaktion - Ende.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited NEU
Falk Telephone and Telegraph Company
Fannie Mae NEU
Ferrari Drivers Club (UK) Limited NEU
First Charter Financial Corporation
First Nationl Bank of Carbondale NEU
>First National Bank in Yonkers
First Virginia Banks, Inc. NEU
Florida Panthers Holdings, Inc. NEU
Ford International Capital Corporation NEU
Ford Motor Company, 1970er
Ford Motor Company, 2006
Four Wheel Drive Auto Company
Francisco Sugar Company NEU
Franklin National Bank
Fruit of the Loom
F.W. Woolworth Co.
Galveston-Houston International Finance N.V. NEU
General Foods
General Motors Corporation NEU
General Motors Corporation Debenture
Getty Petroleum Corporation
Global Crossing Ltd.
Golf Rounds.com, Inc.
Gould Inc.
Gulf & Western International N.V.
Harley Davidson Inc., 1991,
Harley Davidson Inc., 2009
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Heck's Inc. NEU
Homestake Mining Company
Hotel Martin Company
IBM International Business Machines
IMM 1917/20 TITANIC Aktie
IMM TITANIC Aktie 1917-37 NEU
Imperial Oil Limited
Infineon Technologies A.G.
Infogrames, Inc.
International Nickel Company of Canada,NEU
International Paper Company NEU
International Safety Razor Corporation
International Safety Razor Corporation
International Telephone and Telegraph
IOS Investors Overseas Services
Irving Trust Company
Isabella Gold Mining Company NEU
Jantzen Inc. NEU
John Blair & Company
Kaiser Frazer Corporation mit Autoabb.
Kaiser Frazer Corporation ohne Autoabb.
KCS Energy, Inc. NEU
K-tel International, Inc.
Kropp Forge Company
Lakeside Monarch Mining Company
Lazare Kaplan International Inc. NEU
Liggett & Myers Inc.
Lightning Uranium Company NEU
Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc. NEU
LTV Electrosystems, Inc.
LTV Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc. NEU
Lum's, Inc.
Magma Copper Comp. NEU
Mammoth Gold Mining Company
Manati Sugar Comp. NEU
Manchester Ship Canal Warehousing Comp.
Manchester United NEU
Marlennan Corporation
Massachusetts & New Mexico Mining Comp.
Massey Ferguson Limited
McKesson & Robbins, Inc. NEU
McLaren Automotive Group, Inc.
Medallion Pictures Corp. NEU
Medata Computer Systems, Inc. NEU
Mersey Docks and Harbour Company NEU
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc.
Microsoft NEU
Microtech, Incorporated
Midland Enterprises Inc. NEU
Monmouth Park Jockey Club NEU
Moto Goldmines Limited
Motorola, Inc.
Mr. Swiss of America, Inc.
National Airlines, Incorporated
National Cash Register Company NEU
National Steel Corporation
National Tea Co., 1950 NEU
National Tea Co., 1929 NEU
Newcastle United PLC NEU
New Cornelia Copper Company
New England Telephone & Telegraph Comp. NEU
Newmont Mining Corporation
New Orleans Furniture Manufacturing Co.
New World Pictures, LTD. NEU
New York State Housing Finance Agency
Nissan Motor CO., LTD.
North American Aviation, Inc.
North American Light & Power Company
North American Rockwell Corporation
North Butte Mining Company
Northspan Uranium Mines Limited
Official Films, Inc.
Ohio Edison Company
The Ottoman Company Limited NEU
Pan American Airways Corporation
Pan American Sulphur Comp. NEU
Pan American World Airways, Inc. 1960/70
Pan American World Airways, Inc. 1960/80/77
Pan American World Airways, Inc. 1979/1964 NEU
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Parrot Silver and Copper Company
Pavy's Patent Felted Fabric Company, Lim. NEU
PCCW Limited
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Comp.
Phelps Dodge Corporation
Philadelphia Bourse
Philadelphia Electric Company
Philips Petroleum Company NEU
Phillips Van Heusen Corporation
Pittburgh Plate Glass Comp. NEU
Phoenix Insurance Comp, NEU
Planet Hollywood International, Inc.
Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Plymouth Corporation NEU
Polyastics Corporation NEU
Polygram Casting CO. Limited NEU
Porto Rico Telephone Company
Precision Optics Incorporated NEU
Premier Exhibitions, Inc.
Premier Globe Limited
The Rank Organisatin Limited, Loan Stock NEU
The Rank Organisatin Limited, 1973/75 NEU
The Rank Organisatin Limited, 1977
Republic of Austria NEU
RJR Holdings Corporation
RMS Titanic, Inc.
Rocket Jet Engineering Corp.
Rolls Razor Ltd.
Rolls-Royce, 2000-05
Rolls-Royce, 2007-9
Rolls-Royce, 2011 NEU
Rolls-Royce, Limited
Royal Aviation Inc.
San Juan Racing Association, Inc. NEU
Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation
Schering Corporation
Second National Bank of New Haven
Sheffield United plc NEU
Smith & Wesson
Sonotone Corporation
Southern California Edison Company
Speedway Motorsports, Inc.
Sperry Corporation 1955
Sperry Corporation 1981/82 NE
Spiral Metal Company, Inc.
Springfield Gas Light Comp. NEU
Stafford Meadow Coal Iron City Improvement Comp. NEU
Standard Federal Bank
Standard Motor Products, Inc.
Standard Oil Company NEU
Stauffer Chemical Company
State Board of Education
State of Hawaii
State of Louisiana (Babybond) 4er
State of Louisiana (Babybond) 1er
State of New York NEU
Stewart Warner Corporation
Studebaker Packard Corporation
Studebaker Worthington, Inc. NEU
Sun Fire Office Insurance Policy
Sunray DX Oil Company
Texaco Inc.
Texaco Inc.
Thiokol Chemical Corporation NEU
Thompson Brothers Lumber Company
Thompson & Tucker Lumber Company
Titan Motorcycle Company of America
Tobacco Products Corporation
Town of Cortland
Trans Empire Oils Ltd.
Transnautic LTD.
Trans World Airlines, Inc.
UAL, Inc. & United Air Lines, Inc.
United Aircraft Corporation
United Air Lines
United Board & Carton Corporation
United Fruit Company
United States Banknote Corporation
United States Lines Comp.
Universal Motors Company NEU
UOP Inc.
Value Capital Limited
Vermont Teddy Bear Co., INC.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Walt Disney Company
Waltham Watch Company
West Indies Sugar Corporation
Western Union International, Inc.
Western Union International, Inc. NEU
Western Union Telegraph Comp. NEU
West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company NEU
Willys-Overland Motors Inc.
Wisconsin Investment Company
WGL World Golf League, Inc.
Wisconsin Gas Company
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Wrigley's Stores, Inc.
WTC Air Freight
Yellowknife Bear Mines Limited